Make your own Terrarium workshop

Like many plant-obsessed people in the Victorian era, Nathaniel Ward was a London doctor by profession who had an intense enthusiasm for botany. But Dr. Ward’s plants, particularly his ferns, were having difficulty surviving the polluted air of 1820s London. It was intensely frustrating for a passionate plant collector to not be able to keep the plant of the moment alive. While puzzling over the problem with his ferns, Dr. Ward noticed that the plants placed in his covered insect jars (for studying moths and caterpillars) were actually taking root in the soil. It was a light-bulb moment — Dr. Ward realized that his miniature greenhouse could actually protect the plants enough so that they would thrive. He spread the word of his discovery and even published a book on the subject.

We will recreate this classic plant growing concept in our terrarium workshop

Terrariums photo

example image

What you’ll learn

  • How to construct a terrarium using design aesthetics and natural materials of your choice.
  • How to care for your plants or succulents

What you’ll receive

  • A glass terrarium (RRP $100)
  • All the tools and natural materials you’ll need for the terrarium
  • Coffee and pastries or bubbles and nibbles
  • A care card for your new terrarium

What to bring

  • Just yourself and your love for new things. We will be getting dirty so don’t wear your best dress. 🙂

Date, location and cost

Sunday 17th July. 9.30am – 12pm            ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT!

The Aerie, St Peters (Coffee & pastries)


Thursday 21st July. 7pm – 9.30pm          ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT!

Black Toast Annandale (Bubbles & nibbles)



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