Floral workshops coming soon!

3rd April 2016

So yes it’s happening this year. I’ve put so much time into planning them and will finally publish dates in the coming weeks. Below is a sneak peak at my drying hydrangeas that will be used in our Christmas wreath workshops in December. Email me for details. 🙂


Flowers for an art gallery launch

3rd April 2016

As much as I love what I do, my all time favorite is when a client comes to me and simply says “do what ever you like” and for a gallery launch too! So much fun.
Art Gallery feature

Art Gallery tables



And while we’re talking about roses…

10 March 2016

The season for locally grown roses is almost over and we won’t be seeing varieties like these again until Oct/Nov so I’m planning a trip to visit the beautiful farm where these came from and get an idea of how the next season is looking. Rose heaven!


Early morning flower market buying

2 March 2016

One of the things I love most about being a florist is the early mornings. I’ve been in this industry 15 years now and with two children under 3, I am no stranger to little sleep and early starts.

I get out of bed at 3.30am so I can ensure myself a good parking spot at Flemington markets. We all stand patiently outside chatting with other florists and friends about upcoming weddings and events and then they open the doors…and it’s on! I love rushing around looking for those finishing touches that will make my next event perfect. Finally once I’m happy I have everything I need I order a very strong coffee and chat with a few growers and all of this happens even before the sun comes up. It is my most favourite time of the day. 🙂

flower markets 1

flowermarket 2
flowermarket 3

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose…

24 February 2016

These three beauties are perfect examples of how a rose should look. We only have a few months left of rose season so when you buy this beautiful flower be sure to ask for locally grown garden roses.


Hello world!

June 25 2015

Welcome to our new website! We are very excited about 2016 and the beautiful weddings and events we will be flowering.

We are also very excited to be putting together the finishing touches on our floral workshops for 2016.

Details will be posted soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for more details.

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